Why You Need to Visit Zakynthos, Greece as a Food Lover

Fancying a fresh Greek salad? Cocktails for just €4? Or how about some traditional moussaka? Greece is home to some delicious dishes and fabulous cooks, which makes visiting a Greek island like Zakynthos a must. This post includes all the fabulous places where we ate and drank whilst staying in the town of Argassi in Zakynthos. All the prices were extremely cheap but the quality of the food was impeccable. We also found the service to be very quick no matter where we went. I cannot recommend this area enough if you are a food lover.

Here is the link to my previous post which includes all of the beautiful places we visited on the island during our trip.

1. Zorba’s- The BEST carbonara you will find


It was the gorgeous blue and white rustic decor that caught our eye with Zorbas. The carbonara here was recommended to us by the waitor here and certainly did not disappoint. So much so that we re-visited before our flight to have it again before we left.


Their vegetable risotto and calamari was also extremely tasty, all the portion sizes in every restaurant here are very generous!


The banoffee pie here was also divine…




Serenity was recommended to us from other guests staying in our hotel, it had a lovely view of the town and a gorgeous bright interior inside. I tried the sea bass with lemon sauce, which came with salad and chips. This was a beautiful meal to try if you enjoy fresh sea food.


The Yard

We went here on our first night, a great start to our trip. We were given a starter of home-made tsatziki and pitta for free, every Brit loves a freebie. I then had calamari, the vegetable moussaka that my friends had also looked lovely.


The Green Frog

This was the view out to sea from the front of the restaurant if you want to enjoy your meal with an ocean setting before you.



We chose to sit in the back garden under these gorgeous flowers. We all had the halloumi platter which was one of my favourite meals of the trip. If you love halloumi cheese liek me then eating fresh Greek halloumi is certainly a treat.


Stars Taverna


Here I tried the ‘Village Pizza’ which was a veggie pizza option. Above is a Greek dish named ‘Gyros’ which my friend enjoyed, this is on all of the taverna menus here. It usually consists of pitta, salad, chips and meat.



This was the beautiful location where we spent our Greek night, which consisted of food, wine, smashing plates, and dancing. I would thoroughly recommend going to a traditional Greek night if you are visiting Greece. We had a Greek salad here for a starter, and kebabs for our main course.


Red Wine

This was another highlight meal; garlic bread and stewed vegetables in a rich tomato sauce.




This was the first time I  had eaten swordfish, it was delicious!



If you love a cheap cocktail then Magik will definitely be the place for you! You can sit outside here, the inside turns in to a small club later on in the evening. They had a huge range of cocktails, the pina colada was definitely our favourite.


Street Diner Cafe


More seafood! This was a seafood tagliatelle which included mussels and prawns in a tomato sauce.


St Nicholas Beach Club


You can’t go to Greece without having a traditional Greek salad, which seem to always come with a lot of feta!


Are you a fan of Greek cuisine? I hope this guide was helpful if you are travelling to Zakynthos soon!

Hope you are having a great day where ever you are in the world,

Mol x

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The Beauty of the Ionian Sea- Exploring the Greek Island of Zakynthos

“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aristotle

Before heading back to university to start the final year of my degree, I enjoyed a fabulous week long trip to the Greek island of Zakynthos. We flew with TUI from Birmingham International to Zakynthos airport. This island was a brilliant combination of being incredibly scenic but also very cheap. We also found all the people we met there extremely friendly, and the food and drink was also completely delicious, in fact the best food I have tried abroad. This post includes some of the lovely places we saw whilst on the island. I will also be writing another post all about where to eat and drink on the island. I hope this post is helpful if you are looking for which Greek island to visit next on your travel adventures.

The town we stayed in on the island was called Argassi and was only about a 20 minute drive away from Zakynthos airport. Argassi was a great place to stay in, with its own beautiful beach, an abundance of restaurants, bars, shops and plenty of gorgeous hotels to choose from. We stayed in the Katerina Palace hotel which was a very pleasant place to stay. We had a spacious and comfortable room, the pool and bar area was also lovely. The main streets of Argassi were just down the road from the hotel which was very handy.

Adventuring out on a Boat Trip to Marathonisi Island (Turtle Island)


We booked this fabulous trip through Peter’s Tours, we met Peter at one of his tourist offices just outside our hotel. We had several recommendations to book with him and he was incredibly friendly and helpful when we were enquiring about doing an excursion. The trip only cost us €20 each to our surprise! If you are taking children with you, it’s €15 each for them. Here is a link to the specific trip that we went on, the pictures on the website show the sights you see from he boat very accurately. We were picked up by coach in Argassi by Peter’s office and driven to the Laganas harbour, which is just a 15 minute drive away and where the boat is docked.


We were in awe to be able to see the turtles as soon as we got on to the boat in the harbour. They were clearly unphased by having people around them in the harbour as they were swimming very close to the boats. The captain of our boat was great at pointing out where they were in the water so everybody was able to see them and take pictures. After waiting to watch the turtles for a while, the boat then set off towards Marathonisi island. The boat was fairly small in size, with about 15 people on it. It was surprisingly a very smooth trip.

Throughout the trip, the captain sailed the boat in to several sea caves, which were fascinating to be in and be able to see up close. There was also one of the two swimming stops here. We were able to jump in to the sea straight off the boat and snorkel near to the caves. We purchased snorkels in Argassi for just €8 so I would thoroughly recommend bringing one if you are doing a trip like this. The water was crystal clear and it was amazing being able to swim along side the fish.


This was the view from Turtle Island which was where the other swimming stop was, we spent about an hour here. You are able to swim in the sea and use the beach on the island, but the majority of it is protected conservation land which is great to see.


The water was not cold at all, this was a great snorkelling spot. We swam through the shallows by the rocks and saw many types of fish in the shallows, you didn’t have to swim in the deep to be able to see them.



Clear Waters and Soft Sands- The Must See Beaches

St Nicholas Beach


After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.”  Pam Shaw

This was a lovely day out, we got the free bus from our hotel at 11am and the beach is only about 20 minutes away. There is also a bus that takes you back again at 5pm. This beach was perfect for relaxing, you just have to pay a few euros for using the sun loungers. We also had some lovely food here from the beach club which is just up the path from the beach. This was another great swimming spot, you can also do water sports here if that takes your fancy. Bear in mind that during the peak tourist season in the summer, these beaches will be very busy.


Banana Beach



Banana beach is another great beach to visit, quite similar to St Nicholas beach too. We also got the free bus back and forth to out hotel for this trip, it was just a short drive away too. We had some more great food here too, you can order food and drink at this beach from the staff on the beach and they bring it down to you which is a great service. This was another brilliant ocean swimming spot.


Argassi Beach


Argassi beach is accessible from various cut throughs along the front of the town of Argassi. We found that certain parts were sandy and some were pebbley, the beach is also quite narrow in parts. There are some nice spots to eat and drink along the beach too. The photo below was the cafe we went to a couple of times for lunch and a drink.


My next post will be including all of the places on the island that we visited for food and drink, there were some truly delicious meals on this trip.

Have you visited Greece yet? I would love to hear from you in the comments if you have!

Hope you are having a great day where ever you are in the world,

Mol x

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