Cruelty Free Skincare and Body Care Saviours

Hello pals, hope everybody had a fantastic Easter break in the glorious weather!

Today’s post is a collection of all my favourite cruelty free skincare and body care products. Since 2018 I have been gradually transitioning my cosmetic products to being cruelty free. Whenever something runs out, if it’s not cruelty free, then I replace it with a product that is. I’ve found this has been a really easy way of doing it, and I have been surprised to find that I’ve not felt restricted in what products I can buy. Luckily, some of my favourite brands such as The Body Shop are cruelty free anyway!

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is my favourite brand to buy from when it comes to body care. Their ethics on aiming to ban animal testing and also providing great and effective products really sets them apart from other brands. I have been buying their products for years, and especially enjoy stocking up in the summer, their fruit ranges are my absolute favourite.

Coconut Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub


I’ve tried several of the Body Shop’s body scrubs, I love all of them but the gorgeous scent of the coconut one really stands out. You get 250ml for £15, which is worth it because I find the product lasts a good amount of time. You can also buy a 50ml version for £6, they are fab for travelling as they are compact, and have enough product in to last you a good couple of weeks. I also love this product in the mango and pink grapefruit ranges, if you need a summer holiday travel treat this year then definitely check these gorgeous scents out.

Mango Body Butter


A lot of people know and love the iconic Body Shop body butters. They are extremely hydrating, but don’t leave the skin feeling sticky. They also smell great, and the scent lasts throughout the day which is an added bonus. They are £15 for 200ml, and again they last for AGES. The 50ml travel size is £6. The other great thing about the body butters and scrubs is they regularly have sales or deals on if you buy a few products so look out for these if you are wanting to save your coins!

Mango Body Mist


The mango body mist is my go to perfume, and they are only £8! For how long this product lasts and how good it smells, this one of my all time favourite beauty products. Also, if you pair a body butter with a body mist over the top, the scent lasts an incredibly long time. You really can’t go wrong with The Body Shop.


Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a naturally active skincare brand, whose products are created to suit all skin types. Their use of great botanical ingredients, and simple and light packaging makes their products exceptional.

Cleanse and Polish


This is hands down the best skincare product that I have ever used. I have normal to oily skin, and since using Liz Earle products, my skin has never looked as radiant or clear. I just simply wet my face before I put the product on my face, then remove it with a muslin cloth. It has a very light scent of chamomile, which I really love. The product is £27 for 200ml, which I am happy to pay considering the results that it gives. You can also buy an 100ml size which comes in a pump, or a 30ml which is brilliant for travelling. I have included a picture below, this is the only cleanser I have used for over a year and I have no makeup on my skin here.

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Gentle Face Exfoliator


If you’re looking for a an exfoliator which isn’t too abrasive but also still does a good job then I would highly recommend this one. It has quite a creamy consistency and looks very like the cleanser, which is why it feels so hydrating. My skin always feels incredibly smooth after using this, but not red and sensitive like my skin has felt after using some other exfoliators. Again, it has a very light scent, but I think eucalyptus is a very gentle scent so it’s not too noticeable. The brand do suggest that if you have sensitive skin then you should be careful when using this product.

Skin Repair Moisturiser- Normal/Combination

This is a very light but hydrating moisturiser. Paired with the other products above, it’s a winning combo. I have the 50ml jar, you can also buy it in a tube, or the 15ml travel size. They also have a ‘Dry and Sensitive’ version of this product if that fits your skin type.


Yes To

Yes To are another fab brand which I’d love to try more products from. All of their products are at least 95% natural, and they are also very affordable. I also love how their ranges are divided in to skin types, for example the tomatoes range is aimed at combination prone skin, and the coconut range is aimed at dry skin.

Tomatoes Mud Mask


This is a fab mud mask. I am very prone to blackheads around my nose and using this product just once a week makes a noticeable difference to this issue. It also leaves my skin feeling very smooth, but not stripped of all it’s natural oils. It’s priced at around £11.99 from Boots.

I have also tried the Cucumbers Calming Micellar Water from Yes to which was an extremely refreshing product, and it was really good for removing makeup, especially mascara. I’ve struggled to find cruelty free and affordable micellar waters but this seems to be the best pick so far!

The Ordinary

Niacinimide 10% + Zinc 1%


This serum is a high vitamin and mineral blemish formula. It’s aim is to reduce the look of congestion and blemishes. I have been using this product for about two months, and saw a difference in my skin after only three days of using it. the congestion and texture of my nose has definitely settled more. I also have some scarring on my forehead from previous blemishes and these have become noticeably smaller too. I use this after the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and before my Liz Earle moisturiser. I am amazed that this product is just £5. This is the only product I have tried from The Ordinary but I am keen to try out some more. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

I hope this post was helpful if you are looking to get in to buying more cruelty free cosmetics!

Hope you are having a great day where ever you are in the world,

Mol x

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