How I Used Pinterest to Boost My Blog Traffic- 5 Top Tips for Creating Engaging Pin Graphics

There is a huge amount of Pinterest advice posts out there with some really fab advice. In the past when reading other posts, I’ve found that it’s hard to work out how people progressed from being a beginner to where they are now with their pins. They show you their current strategies, but not necessarily the progress and steps it takes from getting from the beginner stages. For me, this was the tricky bit! So in this post, I will show you the styles of pins I am currently using and what I’ve found to create successful pins that gain engagement. But I will also be showing my older pins that gained few saves and barely any clicks and what they did not include. I hope that this might help with what you could add to your pins if you feel like you are stuck in a bit of a Pinterest rut!

To give a bit of background, I use the website ‘Canva’ to create my Pinterest graphics. It’s super easy to use, and there are hundreds of Pinterest templates that you can use. This is great for layout inspo but also makes sure that your pins are the best size. The longer pins are known to do better so it’s great that Canva uses this size for templates. Canva also has so many other types of templates if you are wanting to make other graphic content such as headers, logos or social media posts.

Here are my five top tips for making your pins more engaging:

  1. Include Your Website Name/Address 

Immerse yourself in colorful cultures!

This text doesn’t need to be huge, but just a clearly printed name or web address of your website so people know what it’s called and where they will be directed if they click on your pin. If people then realise they enjoy your pins and they all link to the same website, they are more likely to follow you or to visit your blog to see what other content you have to offer.

2. Make it Clear What Your Website is

This can just be a few words to sum up your website, for example on my pins, I simply use ‘travel and lifestyle blog’. This means if the people looking at your pins enjoy this type of content, they are again more likely to visit your website if they like content of this theme.

lavender (1).png

3. A Great and Engaging Title

On previous pins I used titles such as ‘The Best of Bergerac’. As catchy as this sounds with the classic use of alliteration, did everyone reading this know that Bergerac is a region in Southern France? No they didn’t. I now use titles such as ‘The Essential Southern France Travel Guide- Bergerac’. This gives a more specific title and means that you are not restricting your audience. It also indicates that the post is travel related, a guide to help people, and specifies the country and region that the post is on. You don’t want to make your titles too long and rambly, just give readers enough information to know the exact topic of the post. I’ve also found that using certain adjectives leads to more engagement. Posts with ‘best’ ‘most’ ‘essential’ etc. tend to better so don’t be afraid to big your posts up in your own pins! At the end of the day, the point of these pins is to encourage people to click on your pins so using persuasive language is a good idea.

France (2).png

Additionally, you can make multiple pins for the same post to save long rambling titles. For example, I have a post on cruelty free body care and skin care. I have multiple pins for this post, with different titles that are all still relevant to the post, for example: 1‘The Top Cruelty Free Skincare Brands You Must Try’// 2. ‘Cruelty Free Skincare For Blemish Prone Skin’// 3. ‘Cruelty Free Must Have Products’


The picture below is an older pin. Previously, my pins only used the title ‘cruelty free skincare’ which is not as catchy or engaging and gained far less views and saves. Additionally, I also found that using such a curly styled font made my website name harder to read. I’ve found that simply going through and trying loads of fonts is the best way to find one that suits your pins. Additionally, the pin below is also quite pale in colour, which sometimes is less engaging than bright images. One thing from this pin that I do still use is having a title in the middle and making this text quite large. This makes it quite eye catching if people are seeing it amongst lots of other pins on their screens.

Cruelty free (2).png

Here is another old pin for the same post that did not do well and that I would not post now! With this pin, the title is not very clear and gets lost a bit in the bright image. Again, the same goes for the website name. There is also no description of the post’s content.

Cruelty free (7).png

The image below is a pin I now use for this blog post so you can see how I changed the ideas from the pin above to create a more engaging one. The one below has received a good amount of link clicks compared to the amount of saves it has.

the cruelty free skincare staples.png

4. A Brief Description of the Post’s Content

I’ve found that using a sentence or two briefly describing what the post is about can really boost engagement. It can be really short in small text like the one below. But adding a few more specifics covered  within the post is even better.

Tourist Guide to Edinburgh- Weekend edition.png

This Iceland pin below describes a few key topics that the post includes within the travel guide. If someone is looking for a travel guide to the Blue Lagoon, it’s likely that they will be a tourist who has perhaps never visited before. So by stating in your pin that your blog post covers information such as prices and what to expect from your first trip, first time visitors are likely to looking for this information and are therefore more likely to read the post.


5. A Bright and Inviting Photograph/ Background

I’ve found that the brighter and bolder images seem to be more engaging. They get more saves and more clicks. I’ve also found that certain colour backgrounds/text boxes seem to do much better than others! For me, yellow, orange and purple pins seem to do very well. Green pins I’ve found seem to get hardly any clicks and fewer saves! Pink and blue seem to do quite well if they are bright shades. I find that using white text on a brightly coloured text box seems to be a successful graphic style. For me, finding what works for my pins and audience was simply trial and error. One of the most helpful tips I’ve used is create pins that you would click on! I took some time going through pins which I found eye catching and ones that I would click on. I then took inspiration from these and thought about what it was about the pins that drew me to them. Try to work that out and then apply that to your own pins. There’s no point creating graphics that you would not click on yourself.

France (1).png

I hope this post was helpful if you were in need of some Pinterest inspiration or tips!

Hope you are having a great day where ever you are in the world,

Mol x

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