How to Make a Rented Space Feel Like Your Own Home

Going in to my second year of university, I am now living in a furnished, rented house for the upcoming year in the city of Birmingham. It can be tricky to make a rented property feel homely and personal to you, when you are unable to make changes that you may make if you owned the property. For example, not being able to put nails in the walls and changing the paintwork and the furniture. After organising and personalising my space in my university halls last year, and having just done it again in our new house, I’ve found some helpful tricks, both in terms of practical things and more personal things, that can make a rented space feel like your own. Many of these tips are also for rooms that are fairly small, so whether you are just renting, living in a small place, or are a student on a budget, then I hope this is helpful!

Need some practical help?  Command Hooks and Strips

Putting prints, frames or pin boards up on the walls will also make your property more personal to you and your interior style. Command strips are great for putting prints or posters up on the wall if you can’t use nails. Last year in my halls I used Blu Tak to display all my photos, and have again this year. As long as you don’t use loads of it, it shouldn’t leave marks on the wall so this is a good method if you want to do something similar.


unnamed (2).jpg

Additionally, even getting some photos or artwork to have similar colours in can make your room look very coordinated. The post cards on the wall above are from Paperchase!


Command hooks are so handy if you can’t put in hooks or nails and need a fixture to hang things that won’t damage the walls. I have one on the back of my door that hangs my dressing gown and my shoe rack and ones for my jewellery. You can also buy clear ones if you want them to be a very subtle part of the room, they are also handy if you need to string fairly lights through them if you want them.

unnamed (1)

Want your home to look put together?  Colour and Furnishings

Getting some of the things in a room to coordinate in colour can really make a space feel put together. The two bedding sets I have are blue and white, I then have a throw and cushions in various shades of blue. On this note getting some cosy soft furnishing like blankets, throws, and cushions for your bed can also make your room look and feel more comfortable, which again will make it seem more homely to you.

In a furnished property with furniture you don’t love?

Put throws and cushions on sofas or arm chairs, get a rug to go under that ghastly coffee table, and a pretty table cloth to cover that dining room table that you would never pick yourself. Get a vase with some flowers in it to put in the kitchen (as a student fake ones will do!). These tips will again make items that you did not pick yourself look like they belong to you, and might make everything match a bit more, as opposed to looking like a house with lots of miscellaneous items.


The map of the world, displayed above my bed is also predominantly blue to match my bedding, so having one main colour theme makes my bedroom look like everything matches, just as if you owned the property and designed it how you want. This poster was just £3 from Paperchase, they sell a lot of great ones! Even just getting a couple of items in a similar colour palette can make a huge difference. This can also be really cheap and easy to do, for example my makeup brush holders and pen pot are matching with the blue theme, so even just get some of your basic smaller items to match and this will work too.

Need something practical but also aesthetically pleasing? Use light

Again, the lights in some of the rooms in your rented home may not be to your taste. The only light in my room is a bit dingy, if you have this problem try and buy a new light bulb, you could always get a warm coloured one if you want a cosy vibe, or a brighter and cooler toned one if you need it for more practical reasons.


We are not allowed candles in our house, but definitely get some if you can use them in your property. Alternatively, I have quite a few fake tea lights in my bedroom that I use in the evenings to make my room look a bit more cosy and they do the trick! Fairy lights are also fab for making a room feel a bit more homey, I have some draped them along my bed frame, and along the top of my wardrobe

I also have a desk lamp which makes the room a bit brighter as well. If you work at a desk late in the evening or like to read in the evenings then this is a life saver.

Hope some of these tips were helpful on how to make a rented property feel like your own home!

Thanks for reading, hope you’re having a fab day where ever you are,

Mol x

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  1. This is so helpful especially if you’re moving out for the first time, me and my boyfriend we have struggled to make our flat homely especially since we’re gonna be getting a house of our own soon! Photos and pretty things have helped a lot which is really great. You’re right about colour and furnishings though because they do make the world of difference! Awesome post and I’ve now followed to see whatever cool content you’ve got coming out next!
    Alex x

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