The Iceland Adventure: Day Two, The Golden Circle and Gollfoss Waterfall

Welcome to the second day of the Iceland Adventure!

The first stop on this day was potentially one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen! This is Gullfoss…


A crashing body of water surrounded by the untouched cushion of snow created a breathtaking contrast between the sonorous and the still.

This incredible waterfall known as the Golden Waterfall is located on the South of Iceland on the Hvítá river, also known as the White River. The water falls for about 32 metres before reaching the ground, creating tremendous harmonies of crashing cold water as it throws itselffrom the rocks above.
This is the view from the top of one of the points of the gorge, there is a beautiful walking route around the waterfall with information boards about the are and its geology and history, these are in multiple languages. This area is known as the Golden circle and is a must see if you are visiting Iceland.
Near to the waterfall there are large plains that consist of hot-springs and geysers which rocket groundwater into the air once it has reached a high enough temperature.
The second wonder of the day was the experience of þingvellir National Park.

Within the park is the rift valley between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates, for this reason it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


A truly incredible atmosphere with the clean, crisp snow and deep pools of clear aquamarine between the rifts.
There are walkways and bridges throughout the park that make it surprisingly easy to navigate through, whether you just want a short walk or a more extensive hike.
One of the most interesting and spectacular places I have ever visited, despite these being tourist destinations, the atmosphere was still so peaceful.
Also great spots for taking photos if you are lucky enough for it to be as sunny as this day was!
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Thanks for reading!
Mol  x


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  1. As always, am in love with your blog and every post. Your selection of photos and supporting descriptions are poetry. You have visited and write about places I’ve never been and this is surely one of them. I have always dreamed of standing in front of a frozen waterfall. What a moment that would be! Thank you for sharing this. Loved it so much – read it twice!

    Liked by 1 person

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